What is AVD

What is AVD

Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) fire extinguishing agent is a new, revolutionary technology that uses fixed and portable delivery techniques to effectively combat lithium-ion battery fires.

Lithium battery failure can be caused by the following:
Physical impact or penetration, Overheating, Short circuits, Internal cell failure, Manufacturing defects.

With the rise in technology that uses lithium batteries, comes the added risk of lithium battery fires. How prepared are you for a lithium battery fire? And are lithium batteries dangerous?

The consequences of lithium battery fires are severe, so having the right precautions in place is critical.

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What is AVD made of?
AVD is an aqueous dispersion of chemically exfoliated vermiculite. It is applied to lithium battery fires as a mist, extinguishing them and preventing the propagation of the fire.

Vermiculite is the name given to a group of hydrated laminar aluminium-iron-magnesium silicates. It consists of thin, flat flakes containing microscopic layers of water. The chemical exfoliation of vermiculite produces microscopic, individual platelets that are freely suspended in water. This yields a stable aqueous dispersion of vermiculite to be used as a lithium battery fire extinguishing agent.

Is AVD environmentally safe?
Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is exempt from REACH regulations. It is chemically and physically inert, only releasing steam when exposed to raised temperatures. It is also non-toxic to humans, plant life and animals.

How does AVD work?
The vermiculite particles within the mist are deposited on the surface of the burning fuel to create a film over the top of the fire. The film instantly dries and, because the high aspect ratio platelet particles overlap and bind together, a non-flammable oxygen barrier between the fuel and the atmosphere is produced.

This process has a cooling effect on the fuel source and, as the water content in AVD is evaporated, the vermiculite platelets begin to build up and the fire is brought under control.